Identify and Share Your Aquatic Adventures.

Start Them Young

By John Fifer


seals-ac__54_2As the due date drew near for the arrival of my first child, I couldn’t help but think about sharing my love for the ocean with the newest member of my family. These thoughts propelled me to seek out family oriented activities and programs that will engage and inspire my son, as well as, keep me in the water.

Although appreciation for the ocean and all its inhabitants can be learned at any age, sharing your personal appreciation with children can be very rewarding and establish the foundation for a lifelong love for the ocean.


gcm-margowk-2__116_1One of the organizations I came across in my search that stood out above all others was Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures. Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures is an organization that helps people with children start, continue, or reenter the world of underwater adventure with their entire family. By providing family focused environments set in exotic dive destinations, Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures provides parents with ways to share their passion for the ocean with their children that is both educational and fun for everyone.



In the past, many adventurers who started a family kept their passion for the ocean yet abandoned their diving in order to spend more time with their children. Now, with Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures, the experiences, excitement and adventure that got those individuals into diving can be shared with their entire family. By creating unique curriculums that utilize hands on activities along with the ocean’s abundance of color and marine life, Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures taps into the same fascination parents have that is hardwired in their children.


Utilizing relationships and programs set up with some of the most respectable and biologically diverse locations in the world such as Sam’s Tours in Palau and Buddy Dive operations in Bonaire and Galapagos, your experience with Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures isn’t just your run of the mill camp. Locations like these along with operations in Grand Caymen, Costa Rica, Utila, Fiji and Yap, make your chance to have the underwater experience of a lifetime with your family sure to happen.


seals-ac__47_2Coupled with being set up in some of most incredible places in world, Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures has established fun and exciting curriculums for children from 5-9, 10-11 and 12+. These curriculums include things such as, learning about invertebrates, marine mammals, sharks and rays, how the oceans are formed, what we can do to conserve our oceans and much more. All curriculums are designed to reach their targeted audience and are presented in ways that engage and inspire young audiences.

These programs are then supplemented with their appropriate aquatic activities such as SASY (snorkeling), Seal Team (the first stage of scuba diving), Jr. Open Water Certification (scuba diving training for kids 10 and up) and the Teen Ocean Discovery program (advanced programs for certified divers, working on continued education and certifications).


SeaLife Black clear backgroundIf that weren’t enough, special programs by well know ocean advocates, cinematographers and photographers such as Dive Into Your Imagination’s Annie Crawley and SeaLife Underwater Cameras add an extra treat to an already fun and exciting experience.


Exotic locations and fantastic programs aside, one of the most valuable things families will take away from their experience with Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures are the relationships with people that will last a lifetime. Tools like facebook provide both kids and parents with widely used communication channels that help new found and longtime friends stay in touch, plan events together and share. For a complete ocean focused adventure the entire family can enjoy many times over, check out Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures.