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SeaLife Underwater Cameras

sealife rosenbergBy John Fifer

Point and shoot cameras play an important role in filling ReefID's Identifier and are a huge asset to citizen based science and ocean conservation. By providing a simple to use yet powerful underwater camera that takes fantastic images, SeaLife Underwater Cameras has put the ability to participate in the hands of anyone who wants to get wet.

SeaLife has been building underwater cameras since 1993 and in particular digital cameras since the year 2000. Their ability to build a quality underwater camera that can produce fantastic images from all levels of photographers is unmatched. This, combined with their availability in nearly every dive store, makes them an ideal option for anyone wishing to take underwater images.

sealife fiferSeaLife provides users with settings to make things as simple as point and shoot or, options that allow users to adjust aperture, shutter speeds and strobe power. These options plus the ability to upgrade and add components such as strobe arms and video lights make SeaLife underwater cameras something a photographer can grow with.

On ReefID's recent trip to Cozumel, team members from all levels of experience put SeaLife's DC 1200 to the test with fantastic results. The DC 1200's ease of use provided people with no underwater photographic experience with the ability to take memorable images of their experiences and gave both novice and professional photographers used to shooting with SLRs something to think about.

sealife bergerThe DC 1200's small package made it easy to travel with and maintain while its ability to take images comparable to some of today's SLRs made it a fun switch from lugging around massive amounts of equipment. In addition, the option to switch from taking still images to taking equally cool video with the push of a button took the fun meter over the top.

  The images and video produced by the DC 1200 was crisp and clear and gave everyone using it something they could be proud of. In addition, many of the images taken on our trip were perfect to help others through ReefID's Identifier.

By providing a tool that puts the ability to capture quality images of our ocean inhabitants in the hands of just about anyone, SeaLife will play significant role in filling ReefID's Identifier. It is this ability that will also inspire current and future divers to remain involved and active in our sport. Thank you SeaLife!



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