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Cell Phones Underwater - Just Add Light

John Fifer-Monterey Shootout 2014By John Fifer

The cellular devices we take with us everywhere can capture fantastic topside images that can immediately be shared with others through our social media channels. What if we took these same devices underwater? 

Housings are now readily available for multiple iPhone and Samsung devices that provide users with basic control of camera functions to roughly 150’.  Companies like Watershot, iDive, SeaShell and i-DiveSite are pioneering technology that helps the average Joe take great pictures underwater with the devices they use everyday. 

Calling All Kelp CrabsIf you have ever tried to take images underwater, you know it is not as easy as simply taking a camera underwater to get good shots.  Even the best cameras taken underwater need a little help to work their magic. Water can play tricks on any camera and the brilliant colors we are mesmerized by have a tendency to appear in multiple shades of blue. 

One simple solution we used to help our underwater cell phone images go from blue to brilliant was to just add light. By using quality lighting solutions provided by Light and Motion, ReefID’s initial cell phone housing reviews have produced some fantastic results. 

Shaded NudibranchFor our tests, we used both Sola 1200s and Light & Motion's new GoBe 700 wides.  Both products we used to illuminate our subjects helped mimic topside lighting, and gave us the ability to introduce creative shading options. A tray and arm system provided by Ultralight Control Systems provied us with multiple angles to direct our light and add drama and texture to our images. Multiple power levels on the Solas and GoBes gave us the ability to shoot close, far and even switch to video if we wanted.  This flexibility gave us the ability to focus mainly on finding subjects we wanted to shoot.

Once topside, sharing the fun we had was as simple logging into our social media accounts and posting.  No post processing was used for any of the images in this article.  In order to give you a good idea of what your phone can do, these images are straight from our cell phone to you.

Cell phones and other devices going underwater have been a fantastic complement to ReefID’s app development and have prompted us to begin reviewing housings for them. Stay tuned as we roll through each manufacture and give you the scoop.  Also, please like us on Facebook to see all the cool underwater images images we post from our phones.  In the meantime, if you want good underwater images from your cell phones, just add light.