Identify and Share Your Aquatic Adventures.

About The Identifier

img_1190ReefID's Identifier is a continuously evolving resource to help ocean adventurers quickly identify fish, invertebrates, or mammals encountered throughout their travels from a computer or web enabled cell phone.


Unlike most field guides, ReefID's Identifier is meant to be a user friendly resource for someone with little to know knowledge of what they saw, yet be as valuable to someone with much more experience.


Standard-BodiedUsing a visual display, users armed with only the memory of what they saw are able to narrow down and identify their sighting with a few simple clicks.  By combining the power of ReefID's Identifier and the memories of its users, sightings will ultimately matched to a member contributed photograph that can be used to log anyone's personal adventures.


Each photograph will contain, the ReefID contributor name and associated e-badge, the common and scientific name of the inhabitant, common locations the inhabitant can found and much more.


As sophisticated as the technology powering the identifier engine is, it's backbone is the ReefID membership base.  It is the photographs from their adventures that have begun the creation of the largest user friendly catalog of our ocean inhabitants for the world to use.  This catalog will be used by many people for many purposes but the primary one will be to educate and inspire our current and future ocean adventurers.

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