Identify and Share Your Aquatic Adventures.

The Executive Team

ReefID's proprietary identifier system gives us the ability to display data in ways that are technically advanced yet easy to use and interesting for multiple interest groups.  We use social media and e-learning principals to engage, captivate and inspire users of our technology.
ReefID currently hosts thousands of marine life images stored in a standardized database.  It has information content and connections throughout multiple industries relating to our oceans from underwater photography to marine biology.
Our team is comprised of marine biologists, photographers, ocean activists, programmers and designers and that have worked together for years.  It is our passion for conservation and success that has brought us together to form ReefID as a company.
John Fifer - Founder and Editor
John was educated in oceanography and environmental engineering at Humboldt State University.  His business development experience ranges from e-learning to aquarium collection and management for national and international markets.  John is also curently Board President of the Northern California Underwater Photographic Society and holds a research certification from the National Association of Underwater Instructors.

Steve Rosenberg - Executive Editor
Steve is a graduate of UC Berkeley and has been a professional underwater photographer and photojournalist since 1980. He has produced multiple travel guides and has written hundreds articles on dive destinations, underwater photography and marine biology. He has won more than 250 awards for his photography in international competitions, and is also an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers.
Ethan Daniels - Science Director
Ethan studied biology at Bucknell University and completed his graduate work at the University of Guam Marine Laboratory in 1999, focusing on the behavioral ecology of reef fishes. He spent most of a decade living in Micronesia, studying and photographing the region’s unique marine habitats, flora, and fauna.  Ethan combines his passions for natural history and photography to guide, write, and promote the security of the world’s marine ecosystems.
Ratnendu S. Mukherjee (RS) - Technical Director
Ratnendu is an engineering graduate of Bangalore University, India and completed his master’s degree in business administration at the University of Hull (United Kingdom). He has been awarded the title of a Chartered Engineer by the Institute of Engineers for his achievements and contributions to the engineering profession. Ratnendu holds numerous technical and security certifications and is an expert on secure infrastructure, web, and mobile technologies.