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mygirlReefID members come together from all parts of the globe to share their ocean adventures.   They are young and old and range from the casual ocean focused vacationer to the professional underwater photographer.  In an effort to colaboratively build the largest resource available to help identify our ocean inhabitants, each member plays a role by either trying to identify what they see or by contributing images that can be used in the ReefID database.  In addition, by providing  valuable ocean focused resources usable by both beginning and highly advanced adventurers, ReefID is building an extremely diverse group of followers.



Using descriptions and photographs taken during their adventures, ReefID members can create detailed logs of each personal ocean adventure.  The photographs from these logs are what fill the ReefID Identifier so everyone visiting ReefID will be able to identify their inhabitant sightings.

Members that have images utilized in the identifier engine are the life blood of ReefID and are recognized by having their names associated with every picture of theirs that is displayed.  In addition, contributing members will be signified with an associated e-badge.  This e-badge thanks and awards its members for the number of personal photographs that are utilized in ReefID's Identifier.

The photographs displayed in the Idefntifier are from all levels of expertise.  By doing so, everyone from the first time snorkeler wanting to know what they saw to the professional underwater photographer working to get a little more exposure can play a role in creating this resource. 

ReefID members know that it's all about awareness.  If we share what we know and see about the state of our ocean, the better we can protect this valuable resource for the future.


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