Identify and Share Your Aquatic Adventures.



 What is the best way to get my photographs used in the identifier engine?

The best ways to get your photographs utilized in the identifier engine is to post early, often and unique.  The more adventures you have posted in your profile, the more  chances you'll have to get something posted.  In addition, unique and rare sightings are more difficult spots to fill.  If you have a good photograph of something unique and rare that can be used to help someone else identify it, chances are it will be posted.


Will all of my pictures be used in the identifier?

Only pictures that can aid in the identification of our ocean inhabitants are displayed in the identifier engine.  Pictures used in the ReefID identifier engine can be changed at any time by the ReefID team in order to better assist users in their identification efforts.


How does ReefID handle copyrights?

Every effort possible to keep names associated with individual photographs together.  If you are concerned about your work being utilized for other purposes, please do not post your photos.  Refer to our Terms and Conditions for additional information.


Can I add a watermark to my photographs?

In order to help individuals concerned with the distribution of their work, ReefID allows water marks to be added to their photos before uploading them to their adventure logs.  In order to keep a consistent looking site, watermarks must be in Arial font no large than 12 pt in the lower left hand corner of the image.  Photographs not following this convention may be procluded from being posted in the identifier engine.


Why can't I find the inhabitant I'm trying to identify?

ReefID is continuously being built to serve the needs of curious ocean adventurers.  If you can not identify what you are looking for, it may not have been added to the database yet.  If you have taken a photograph of the inhabitant you are trying to identify, please register and create your adventure.  Your photograph will be identified and then added to the identifier engine for others to benefit from.  If you do not have a photograph, feel free to contact us.  We will try to identify it for you and possibly place it on our most wanted list for you.


What  do I do if I find something I think is misidentified?

If you find something that may be misidentified or has incorrect information, please contact us.


What if I can't identify the photographs I submit?

ReefID likes its members to submit as much information as they can regarding their inhabitant encounter.  This information is extremely valuable and has many educational and scientific uses however, it is not necessary to personally identify what you saw to submit a photograph.


Can I remove photos from the identifier engine?

As an individual member there is currently no way for you to remove your photos from the identifier engine.  It is highly discouraged as it damages the integrity of the resource however, should you wish to remove a photograph from the ReefID identifier engine, contact us.


How may photos of each type of inhabitant are displayed in the identifier?

Currently the goal is to have 5 images of each inhabitant posted in the ReefID identifier engine.  Each picture will be used to illistrate the various phases of life as well as different angles helpful in the identification of each inhabitant. 


Why aren't my pictures displayed in the identifier engine?

ReefID's identifier engine is a resource to help our fellow ocean adventurers identify what they see.  Not all photographs are best suited for this purpose and therefore are not utilized.